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Spilling the DPTea

Ryan McConnell

Solo flying interview style episodes for physical therapy students at any level of professional/ post-professional training to listen and engage with hot topics you wish you had learned in academia. Weekly episodes include practical information on topics concerning professional issues, psycho-social aspects and challenges of physical therapy practice and shallow to deep dives on healthcare management and leadership. All delivered with comedic relief and story telling to remind you we are all human. This is your one stop shop to receive doses of encouragement and motivation through interview format to improve your physical therapy clout! Hosted by Ryan McConnell, assistant professor teaching at both entry and post-professional levels while continuing my own journey through a Doctorate of Science in Physical Therapy. Special interests include psycho-social variables to predict outcomes, social determinants of health, manual therapy, dry needling, orthopedics, private practice management, venting, inventing, advocating, inspiring and fun.
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